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Chai Pe Charcha

Phondaghat Honey Milk Tea Chai

Quote of the day – The rain is falling, chai and bhajiya is calling.

We begin our mornings with chai, and the silsila continues throughout the day. A cup of chai to deal with the morning blues, another cup to help you through a meeting that could be wrapped over a mail. A couple more to reflect on life issues, then the rests that happened by accident. For anything and everything that goes right or wrong, we huddle with a cup of chai. It’s like chai is the ingenious solution to every situation of life.

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And now because of the monsoon, cups of garam Chai and a heap of hot bhajiyas, are inevitable. May it be a session inside our homes or on the tapri outside our offices, we make sure that it happens. While you keep sipping and munching on these monsoon mandates, you better be watching the hygiene and your health.

We don’t want to get in between your chai and bhajiya but here are some ways to make your monsoon fam-jam evenings at home, a super hit.


Shehedwaali Chai

Adding Phondaghat Honey to Milk teas not only sweetens the drink but also elevates the flavour. Prep up your standard brew of tea without adding sugar. Take a cup of lukewarm milk and add a teaspoon of honey. Stir well and add it to the tea. Do not boil this mixture. Pour the blend in a mug and top it up with some cream. Enjoy a warm cup of tea with rich flavour and creamy texture.

Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri chai is not your regular caramel coloured brew, it’s not even close. Due to the addition of rose syrup, Kashmiri Tea gets mild rose flavour and a light pink colour. The recipe starts with boiling of tea leaves in water, then infused with cardamom. After straining the mixture you add sugar and a portion of crushed dry fruits. Then comes a hit of rose syrup to give it the floral flavour. While this is a standard recipe, we recommend you replace the sugar with honey. Honey will not only act as a sweetener but also enrich the flavour. Making the already rich and flavourful Kashmir tea, more of both.

If we have made you crave for some tea right now, then get up and make yourself some. Get the fam-jam going, surprise them with our suggestions.

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