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Phondaghat Formula Cough13: One of the Cough Remedies for Monsoon

Cough Remedies Phondaghat Formula Cough13

Cough is your body’s way to get rid of infectants and irritants. It is a common reflex action of the body that actually helps it to avoid many infectious diseases. Though it acts in favour of the body, but a prolonged cough condition might be a different story. It feels annoying to keep coughing throughout the day and also the night. There could be many reasons to it. It could be allergic reactions, infections, or even acid reflux. there are many cough remedies that provide interim relief but not for long.

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Now, due to the monsoons, cough is going to be a common household problem. Fret not ladies and gentlemen, your very own friend for the season is here. Formula Cough 13 from Phondaghat Pharmacy is all ready to help you fight cough problems, for this season. Our Formula Cough 13 has been providing relief to consumers for years together.

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Phondaghat Formula Cough13: One of the best Natural Cough Remedies

It is a bespoke ayurvedic medicine, not only for your seasonal cough problems, it can also provide relief against Allergic cough, and whooping cough. It is even effective against Bronchial Asthma and much more. The recipe of the Cough13 is carefully made with 13 special ingredients. Each of the ingredients are super foods per se, and their combination makes for a perfect herbal cough syrup, one of the best cough remedies.

The 13 super ingredients of Phondaghat Formula Cough 13 are as follows:

Manuka – Vitis Venifera

Adulsa – Adhatoda Vasaka

Tulsi – Oscimum Sanctum

Khadir – Acasia Catechu

Ginger – Zyngiber Officinalae

Jeshthmadh – Glycerhira Glabra

Kantkari – Solanum Zanthocarpum

Lavang – Syzygium Aromaticum

Miri – Piper Higrum

Pimpali – Piper Longum

Dalchini – Cinamon Zylanicm

Navsagar – Amonium Chloride

Camphor – Cinamum Camphora


For Children
1 Teaspoon Twice a day

For Adults

3 Teaspoon thrice a day or as directed by the Physician.

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