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Health Benefits of Amla Murabba and Bael Murabba

Phondaghat Amla Bael Murabba

Murabba is a sweet fruit reserve recipe that is a favourite in the hot summers. If prepared and preserved right, it can be consumed throughout the year. The recipe is close to our hearts as it sends us on a trip through the memory lane of our childhood. A delicious sweet treat known for its immense health benefits. The healthy quotient also depends on what fruit do you use for this recipe. We at Phondaghat Life want you to have the best when it comes to this nostalgic recipe from childhood. With the wholesome goodness of amla and bael, presenting Phondaghat Amla Murabba and Bael Murabba. Get to our stores in Mumbai and Pun, and avail exclusive discounts and offers.

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Phondaghat Amla Murabba

It is a great detoxifier. It restores the body’s immunity and makes for a delicious sweet treat. Let’s have a look at all the health benefits of amla murabba. We start off with the most important contribution of amla towards your health. It boosts immunity of your body and helps it fight all kinds of illness. It is a rich source in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Amla is rich in fibre which aids the body with digestive benefit and gastric issues. Apart from Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, fibre, amla is also a good source of minerals. It balances cholesterol levels leading to a healthy heart.

Phondaghat Bael Murabba

Bael is another power fruit known for its amazing medicinal purposes. In this marmalade form, though it becomes sweeter, it still holds a lot of health benefits. With Phondaghat Pharmacy’s Bael murabba, give your digestive system a detox. Made with premium quality ripe Ball fruit, this murabba is as delicious as it is reviving. Bael or wood apple (as some like to call it) is rich in fibre, minerals, and is delicious.

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