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Honey is one of the most natural product made by nature itself. Bees are the main producers of honey. Bees extract nectar from flowers and carry it back to their honey combs. After depositing the nectar over time honey combs become huge in size.  Honey is the nature’s answer to the long winter’s food supply for bees. Now-a-days, bees are kept in wooden honey combs as a part of animal husbandry. It is easier to extract honey from such honey combs. In forests, honey combs are located in wild bee colonies, and are located using a honey guide birds who are also attracted to the honey. Bees are chased away from the honey combs using smoke and then honey and beeswax are extracted from the hive. After filtering the raw honey, it is ready for consumption.

Today’s animal husbandry has developed removable frames for the wooden hives. These frames help in the easier extraction of honey as opposed to earlier where hives were destroyed. The frames also ensure that enough food is left for the bees in the hives.

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