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Music on, Yoga on!

Phondaghat Yoga Day Music Day

Music makes everything better. Feeling good, celebrate with music; feeling sad, feel good with music; want to workout, crank up the uplifting beats. Music adds life to everything, even yoga. Coincidently, while the world is celebrating International Yoga Day today (21st June, 2019), there is a part of it which is celebrating World Music Day.

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Happy World Music Day

21st June has been known as World Music Day for decades. Yoga Day came into existence a handful of years ago when India’s newly elected Prime Minister suggested the same at a United Nations General Assembly. International Yoga Day has brought the world together for fitness, for peace. Fête de la Musique was first celebrated in Paris in the year 1982. As years passed by, the trend caught on and was then celebrated in over 120 countries. People from every walk of life take part in this celebration and contribute to it with a part of their culture.

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Happy International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day and World Music Day fall on the same day. And both the activities go hand in hand. Music not only makes up for the vibe but also helps in building a rhythm while doing your yoga asanas. A fusion beat mixed with light and vibrant notes of a bamboo flute or a well-groomed santoor will take your workout to a whole new level. Yoga and Music, both help you reduce stress, improve on mind and body abilities, and more. They are known to have positive effects on the body when done right.

So, the next time you gear up for a serious yoga session, make sure you got some relaxing notes and beats assisting you through. As mentioned before, pick a soothing flute music that intensifies as the table takes on the lead. This jugalbandi will keep you going!

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