Amla ginger squash


Made with the choicest ingredients, every drop of our juice has been through strict quality procedures. Make the most of nature’s goodness, one glass at a time. Consuming Amla-ginger juice in the morning has a host of health benefits. Along with boosting immunity and healthy digestion, it is a great supplement for healthy hair and skin. What’s more, it is your daily requirement of Vitamin C, in a glass 😉

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Spiced with a kick of ginger, this Amla Ginger squash is both delicious and healthy. Detoxify your body along with reaping other benefits like a faster metabolism, increased protein absorption, and rejuvenation.Our squashes are made with the freshest ingredients and packed with lots of love. Just pour a couple tablespoons of squash over crushed ice and top with water for a delicious and healthy drink.



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