Khatta Mitha Candy


Amla contains antibacterial and astringent properties that prevent infections and help in the healing of ulcers. Since 81% of Amla is water, it moisturises skin and arrests aging. It also helps lower cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, diminishes the risk of cancer, and strengthens immunity. Our Amla khatta meetha candy is made from handpicked Amla bursting with nutrients which are nothing short of nature’s elixir!

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An easy way to snack on a nutritious treat any hour of the day, Phondaghat Amla khatta meetha candy is a great way to stay healthy. Avoid eating mindlessly and just pop an Amla khatta meetha candy between meals. Our Amla Candy is produced in the most hygienic and standard conditions so that you taste pure and natural goodness till the last of the pack. Our products go through stringent quality checks to ensure consistency in both texture and taste.

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Amla Khatta Meetha is a delicious, sweet and sour treat for those who like to take life with a pinch of salt!


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